How to Get Baseball Cards GradedHow to Get Baseball Cards Graded

If you are a serious collector of baseball cards graded, then you may have heard of Beckett Grading and Authentication Services. Beckett is one of the most popular companies for grading and authenticating sports cards, including baseball cards. In order to get your cards graded by Beckett, there are a few steps that you will need to follow.

Things to Know Before Sending Your Baseball cards to be Graded

Check Every Inch Of The Card

Getting a card graded is not as simple as swiping your card through a machine. You must take a few measures to ensure it reaches its destination safely and intact. The best way to do this is to make sure you review your collection first. It can be a great way to discover cards you may have missed.

The best way to ensure a card is graded properly is to ensure it’s clean before submitting it. One of the best ways to do this is to use a microfiber cloth to wipe away dust, fingerprints, and removable gunk. This is also the best way to ensure a card is free from scratches, nicks, and cuts.

For the most part, you’ll want to check every inch of the card to ensure it is in top shape. For example, if it is a baseball card, you may want to make sure the edge is free of chips.

Check The Corners

Whether you are just starting or an experienced collector, it is important to know how to check the corners of baseball cards graded. Corners are the most important part of a card. They will tell you whether the card is in good shape or has been altered.

Corners are also an indicator of surface damage. Surface damage can take the form of stains, gum marks, and indentations. These marks can be hard to detect, but they can impact the value of a card.

Use Magnifying Glass

The other way to check the corners of baseball cards is to use a magnifying glass. You can also try pressing the card to remove creases and wrinkles. You can do this by holding the card under a heavy object and pressing it flat.

Furthermore, you can also get a card doctor to fix your corners. Some card doctors will place the corner of one card on the corner of another card. This is a method of repairing corners without people noticing.

Decide If You Want the Card Graded

Whether you’re just starting out in the sports card collecting hobby or an avid collector, it’s important to know whether a baseball card should be graded. This can save you time and headaches when it comes to condition-related returns. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

While a card graded in the right condition can add a lot of value to your collection, it’s not always the best choice. Cards can be damaged in the grading process, and you might end up losing out on money in the process. Also, a grading service will charge you for handling, shipping, and insurance.

The best way to determine whether a card is worth grading is to perform a little research. You may be surprised that a common card is quite valuable. While this isn’t the case for every card, it’s true for many.

How to Get Baseball Cards Gradedby BeckettIf

If you are a serious collector, chances are that you have heard of Beckett Grading and Authentication Services. They are an extremely popular service for grading sports cards, particularly baseball cards. Here is how to get your cards graded by these experts.

First, decide what kind of grade you would like to receive for your card. This will depend on the value and the condition of your item. You can find a list of grades for both sports cards and non-sports cards on Beckett’s website.

Once you know what grade you want, decide which service best suits your needs. Beckett has three different services: Classic Grading, Modern Grading, and Authenticated. Each service has different grading fees, turnaround times, and services offered.

To get your cards graded by Beckett, you must complete a submission form. You can find this on the company’s website or by contacting their customer support team directly. All you need to do is fill out your card details, the service you want, and how many cards you send in. If a special request is necessary for your submission, make sure to include this as well.

Once your form has been processed, Beckett will send you a mailing kit with instructions on how to package your submission. It’s important to follow these instructions carefully because any cards not properly packaged will be sent back to you. Finally, send in your submission and wait for your results!

Cost Range of Baseball Cards

Getting baseball cards graded is a good way to increase the value of your collection. But you have to find a grading company you trust. You can look into companies like SCG, PSA, and GMA. Each one has its unique selling points.

PSA is considered the top grading company, using a standard 1-10 scale to grade cards. They have an interactive trading program called the PSA Set Registry.

This program features 150,000 different sets, and PSA also offers Collectors Club. It’s known to hold the world’s finest collections.

Professional grading costs $50 to $300. This is in addition to the cost of shipping. Professional grading companies also charge an additional fee for insurance.

The costs vary by card value. For example, cards with declared values of $3 or less cost less to grade. However, cards worth $500 or more will cost more.

The turnaround time also affects the cost of getting baseball cards graded. Those that receive a standard turnaround will have their cards back between 20 and 25 business days.

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