Whether you’re decorating your home or adding some retro style to your office, a industrial wall clock is the perfect way to add an extra touch of steampunk design.

The cult design movement of steampunk features retro wooden elements, aged copper, rivets and gearwheels. The result is a faux steam-driven aesthetic that works great as a design motif for decor, fashion or even jeweler pieces.


Steampunk has become a cult design movement, with vintage wooden elements, aged copper, rivets, and gearwheels, the faux steam-driven look is a popular fashion trend. It’s a perfect combination of historical aesthetics and fantasy that has captured the imaginations of science fiction fans everywhere.

A great way to display your nerdy interest in steampunk is to display a genuinely functional clock that mimics the mechanical ingenuity of its era. These timepieces are often crafted from a mix of materials, including metal, wood, and glass.

If you’re looking to add a bit of steampunk style to your home, this UGears clock is the way to go. Made from 100%-natural high-grade plywood, this tabletop model is pleasant to the touch and fills your room with a nice wooden scent as soon as you open it. Its pre-cut parts make it easy to assemble, and all you need is a gentle push out of its frames for a perfect fit.


STEAMPUNK CLOCK: This unique clock is a work of art that will add a retro touch to any space. Inspired by Victorian-era industrialism, the style is characterized by retro wooden elements, aged copper, rivets and gearwheels.

This unique clock features a mechanical design and is powered by separate batteries to ensure it runs smoothly. Its eight metal gears rotate on the wooden body, emitting soft whistling sounds when they turn.

The materials used in STEAMPUNK CLOCK are durable and long-lasting. It is also easy to maintain and clean.

Aside from regular cleaning, the materials should be protected from exposure to pollutants. Pollutants such as dust, dirt, soot, and oil can lead to corrosion and rust.

Changes in temperature and humidity can negatively impact the integrity of a wooden clock’s surface. Humidity levels should be controlled and monitored to avoid damage from excess moisture.

Handlers can limit potential contaminants from transferring to a clock’s surfaces by wearing cotton or Nitrile gloves during handling. Loose items such as jewelry and loose clothing like scarves can also be avoided by removing these from a handler’s person prior to interacting with a clock.


Steampunk is a cult style that combines retro wood elements, aged copper, rivets and gearwheels. This retrofuturistic look is a popular option for home decor, clothing and jewellery.

This wall clock reflects the style with its unique combination of art and science. The ornate clock faces include shapes of flowers, stars and the sun.

The inner workings reveal the innovative combination of art and mechanics with the clever mechanism setting its gears in motion and getting the hands of the clock moving. Ugears engineers have added another interesting feature to the design: unsynchronized clock hands sitting on the same axle.

To make the hour tubes fasten to the face of the clock, start by securing one end of a fairly long length of wire (you probably need more than you would think) to the anchor post of the tube marking the five minute tick. Then thread the wire through the base of the minute tube and up through the LED hole while not pulling through all of the slack. Then repeat this process for each of the other three minute tubes.

Final Thoughts

The STEAMPUNK CLOCK is a fun model to build and a great way to show off your DIY skills. It uses a clever mechanism to set the gears in motion, and also has beautiful lace-like ornaments including the sun, stars, and the moon.

The mechanism itself is quite simple but the resulting product is truly one of the coolest gizmos you can buy for your home. It’s easy to assemble, and will take you about an hour to do.

It’s the best example of what steampunk is all about, combining the art and science of engineering into one cool looking product. There are a few other models to choose from, but this is the only one you’ll want to display in your man cave or office. This is the type of product that’s sure to impress your guests and snag their attention when it arrives at your door.

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